CCTV Drain Surveys

Quest Waste Management's CCTV unit, 'Our Eyes Underground', uses the latest iPEK CCTV technology combined with VX reporting software.  The use of this cutting edge technology means we can provide clients with accurate, timely and detailed inspection reports in both coloured hardcopy with photos and digital formats.

Recording of the pipe surveys can be provided on WinCan Web, USB and DVD.  All CCTV staff are trained to sewer classification OS19X and OS20X Coding Standards.

The most prominent software, WinCan VX, is used to capture live video of conduits as digital clips for each line with the iPEK CCTV camera system. In the case of any abandonment, the line is cleaned (using approved methods) and the survey continues or a reverse survey is performed from the opposite end to achieve an overlap.


Our digital clips are carefully observed using WinCan VX depending on our clients’ desired reporting standards. Both comprehensive and summary reports are generated for each line.  Our clips are then attached to their respective reports. 

CCTV unit, 'Our Eyes Underground' 


  • All our cameras are explosion proof

  • 50mm to 2m diameter pipes surveyed

  • Online reporting and cloud storage system

  • Code written reports in WinCan VX and HADDMs  

  • Up to 300m length of pipes can be surveyed in one direction

  • Survey technology for pipelines, culverts, ducting and drains etc.

CCTV Explosion Proof Camera

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CCTV Survey - 'Our Eyes Underground'

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