Commercial Cleaning Services:

If you work on an industrial site you will know first-hand the challenges that come from maintaining equipment and keeping your entire plant running at optimal operating condition. Our wide range of industrial cleaning services and maintenance solutions are designed to maintain your equipment and facilities in a safe, environmentally sustainable and responsible way.


Best of all, we understand the need for different solutions for different industries and will tailor each and every solution to suit your site requirements, so you can rest assured, the solution you receive is right for you.

Dedicated Wet Waste Team
Operating across Yorkshire and the Lancashire. Quest Waste Management dedicated wet waste disposal team has a wealth of experience in safely emptying and cleaning all forms of wet waste containers to an exceptional standard.



Trap Cleaning

Grease traps are located in most commercial premises, particularly restaurants, hospitals, public houses and food preparation factories. Their function is to prevent oils, fats and greases polluting our natural watercourses or clogging up the massive network of underground pipe work.


We offer free advice, including inspection of existing systems and recommendations on how these can be maintained, repaired or upgraded to ensure smooth day to day running and minimise customer inconvenience or upset.


We will also provide a free quotation for all projects, including routine emptying, cleaning, repairs and upgrades.  The knowledge, skill and expertise of the workforce at Quest Waste Management ensures that works completed are carried out with the utmost efficiency and in turn eliminate any down time for our customers.  In addition our innovative machinery enables us to carry out works with optimal results for our clients.



Structural Rehabilitation

The purpose of carrying out manhole or drainage surveys is to determine the condition of the asset in question. Along with our drainage rehabilitation techniques, we also assist in man-hole rehabilitation, basement, tank and bund sealing, as well as bund relining. The objective in each case is the reduction of infiltration from external sources, such as groundwater, into the drainage network, and the re-establishment of integrity and overall improvement in the drainage network.

To this end, we employ a number of techniques:


Injection of specialised resins into cracks in manholes/tanks to eliminate water ingress

Application of specialist mortars

Correction of benching in manholes

Testing and relining of open tank bunds to ensure proper intrinsic seal

Elimination of leaks in tank bunds and underground culverts/basements


Our rehabilitation teams are fully trained in confined space entry techniques, and very competent in a wide range of related disciplines.




24/7 emergency call-out

For peace of mind, we offer an emergency call-out service for any cesspit or septic tank that becomes blocked or overflows. Our team will be onsite to rectify the situations within 24 hours of your call.

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