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There’s a Problem With Your Drains and Pipes: Here’s What To Do About It!

Because they’re hidden underground, we often don’t find out that there’s a problem with our drains until something catastrophic happens. That’s why it’s always a good idea to keep an eye open so you can spot the tell-tale signs before things get out of hand.

This involves using three valuable senses: Sight, sound and smell.

What You See

A major blockage in your drains will certainly mean that water doesn’t drain away very easily. You might notice this when there’s a heavy shower and your outside grates are still filled with water long after the rain has stopped. Flooding around your property is also a sign that there is something wrong with either your drains or your soakaway if you have one.

If the blockage is in your piping and not the sewers, you could find that water takes time to drain away from the sink or bath or your toilet doesn’t empty properly when it flushes.

What You Hear

The problem is usually closer to home if you hear strange noises like gurgling. This can often be remedied by using a store bought drain cleaner which helps dissolve any waste that’s blocking, for example, the outlet to your sink. If it has built over a period of time, however, the blockage might be a lot more difficult to shift and may need a professional to sort things out.

What You Smell

The first time that people realise there is a problem with the underground drains is the smell. It generally means something is clogging up the drain and, unfortunately, is beginning to rot. This often happens before you get any visual cues and should certainly prompt you to do something about it. Don’t hope that the blockage will clear by itself – the fact that you’re getting a nasty smell tends to suggest otherwise.

Common Drain Problems

  • Pouring grease and fat down the sink can cause problems over time. While that grease is nice and liquid when you pour it out of the pan, it begins to solidify once it cools. Excess can build up over time and cause a blockage, even with large drains.

  • Other things that can clog things up include flushing unsuitable items down into the drain. It’s actually amazing what can find its way into your drains and most of it causes a problem somewhere down the line.

  • Your drains can also suffer from structural damage over time. If you have trees and bushes planted close by, the roots can grow and break into the drains and cause leaks. Extensive damage can not only block the drain but cause excess water or waste to flood into the surrounding ground.

  • Other problems can be caused by deposited silt that builds up because it’s too heavy to flush through. There may be structural defects that simply degrade over time and cause problems.

If you find that there is a problem with your drains or the pipes in your property, it pays to do something about it as a matter of urgency. Getting a professional drainage team in means that you’ll be able to obtain an accurate diagnosis of the problem and get the appropriate remedy.

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