One of the core activities of our organisation is the provision of drain and sewer cleaning services.  We have one of the largest fleet of drain and sewer cleaning vehicles and machinery.  All of our units are operated by trained personnel and our typical day involves the clearance of blockages in areas such as:

Quest Sewer Care:

  • Drainage networks (local authority, semi state and private industry)  

  • Underground and overground structures for local authorities and other clients

  • Blocked toilets and sinks for residential customers


Water Recycling 

On certain drain cleaning projects, we can provide units that can recycle the jetting water used in drain cleaning activities. These units provide us with a sustainable solution to water usage in drain cleaning activities – more information on these units is available upon request.

All wastes generated in drain cleaning activities are delivered to licensed disposal facilities. The drain and sewer cleaning service provided by Quest Waste Management Environmental Solutions is critical to facilitate the other services we provide in the area of drainage survey and rehabilitation. 


Due to our extensive fleet and capabilities of same, there is no limit to the depth, size, location or length of drain that we can clean, survey and repair.

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